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Dear Alumni,




Jahangirnagar University Department of Statistics alumni Association have a glorious history in our country. This is the first and well reputed alumnae association over the JU campus. It has a gleaming memory among the graduate.


I earnestly invite you to become a member that is easy as well as inexpensive, provided that you are a graduate of Department of Statistics who is yet to become a member of this organization. Membership enables you to enjoy being a part of the Statistics Alumni community of JU and related fellowship in various forms. Take the advantages and opportunities what this organization offers to all Alumni to provide our loving attention and support that we deserve for achieving greater glory and world class status. Be “Proud to be a Statistics Graduate from JU!"


We are aiming to inclusively engage all the batches who are from different cultures, customs, and geographical territory. It’s a collaborative endeavor with different contributors adding depth and diverse perspectives. As in the design process, we assemble a team of brilliant minds to engage stakeholders, listen to our communities, and work together to implement positive changes.


We definitely proud of how the alumni community took initiatives to enact positive countrywide social changes among the general people. For instance, supporting people nationally at their crisis period, whenever natural disasters severely harm their lives. We provide fund to cure their health issues who are struggling with numerous diseases. Likewise, stipend for destitute students is also available here.


We wish, in near future we are likely to construct a well-built brotherhood relation among the Alumnae to form an effective community for serving the nation widely.



Kazi Arifur Rahaman

General Secretary