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Dear Alumni,




Our alumni are vibrant. It has been a wonderful experience to continue maintaining meaningful connections with other graduates and teachers through various events hosted by the JUDSAA. In the following years, the alumni association will grow far beyond Bangladesh. It is amazing to see how throughout this year the project has continued to grow and brought so many positive memories and experiences to alumni. It is, however, important to emphasise that aside from the positive memories and meaningful connections, the alumni association serves many other important purposes as a separate institution within JUDSAA. In its essence, the alumni association aims to reach, serve and engage graduates, parents and friends to promote lifetime mutually beneficial relationships that result in volunteer engagement, goodwill and philanthropic support. What connects our community is an exceptional shared experience that doesn’t need to end once we graduate. Even though it is not possible to bring back some of the campus moments however, it is always possible to be a part of helping JUDSAA grow by sharing our personal valuable experiences with the students and forming an effective organisation that will continue to grow and help form connections among all including present students. With more and more graduates becoming a part of the alumni association we will be able to promote their interests globally, nationally, connecting and strengthening the bonds between graduates of different generations and countries. Today, staying connected is becoming easier with the increased use of social media, our alumni are now able to connect in real-time to share their memories and stories.


Judssa served as a crossroads, where we have accumulated memories of our time there – long nights studying for exams, competitive teacher-student football games, jokes, lunchtime debates, advice from our mentors, and maybe a misadventure or two. Remembering all the kind faces and character-defining moments that have helped shaped our outlook, I become grateful for being a part of this community. Naturally, as we strive to reach our career aspirations, life scatters us across different continents, disciplines, and industries, leaving no time for us to maintain the channels of communication we had in our beloved campus.


We hope to build a community to help better utilise your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development. A young member will use the collective expertise of the alumnus for advice and personal growth. But once the member has become established in their respected field, their advice will become of great value to someone beginning the journey they have been on for years. The benefit to the established member is the novel information of trends and new processes common in younger generations. Hopefully, this will turn into a place where we can share ideas, discuss opportunities, and create a network to manifest our full potentials.

The Alumni network is a physical embodiment of this, allowing us to foster cross-generational ties and maintain meaningful relationships. Through taking part in the alumni association, you will be able to cultivate your network.


Md. Anis Ur Rahman