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Jahangirnagar Muslim University was established on 12 January 1971, full of the beauty of nature and greenery. Jahangirnagar University started its journey in the first academic year of 1970-1971 with a total of 150 students in the first batch of Economics, Geography, Mathematics and Information Science (later Statistics). The Jahangirnagar University Act 1973 was passed in the session of the first National Parliament of Independent Bangladesh and the university was renamed as ‘Jahangirnagar University’. The Department of Statistics started its journey at the inception of the University and in a short span of time it was able to make a significant contribution to the study of statistics at the national and global levels. Meanwhile, over two thousand students have obtained undergraduate and postgraduate, M.Phil and Ph.D degrees from this department. Graduates are working in the workplace with reputation at home and abroad. Their contribution is nationally and internationally recognized, who have been contributing in research, art, literature and above all in various branches of human welfare. Alumni Association has been taking steps to provide sincere cooperation to the current and former students in matters of interest by establishing unity, friendship, harmony and brotherhood to create effective collaboration between the graduates of the Department of Statistics. The Jahangirnagar University Statistics Department Alumni Association was established in 1990 with the fruitful initiatives and efforts of the alumni to play an effective role in advancing the statistics department of Jahangirnagar University globally through the development of all types of educational environment such as arranging meetings, seminars, career counseling, exhibitions and entertainment for alumni through the development of an effective relationship; establishment of museums, cultural centers, laboratories, sports and entertainment centers; Publishing bulletins and periodicals.